Notes: The following examples are short stories and lists used in our initial trial with adult learners (ages 25 to 62 who read below 6th grade levels). They have inconsistencies in how we they are Pcued in part because of our experiments with the students and in part due to remaining short comings in the Pcue automation technology. Blends and combined letters are particularly inconsistent as the tool allows us to enable and disable different combinations at different stages of student progress.  Due to tech issues in rendering adjacent combined/blended letter Pcues (soon to be corrected), we are inserting segment cues where they shouldn’t be (th-ing). The gray color used for silent letters and to indicate combined letters may be hard to read on monitors. It was chosen to look best when printed on the trial site’s printer.

Short Stories:

Thomas Jefferson   The Iron Horse   The Need for Power   Moving with Machines   Early Weapons and Defenses  Bringing Home the Fossils The True Fish  Being Left-Handed  The Story of Louis Braille  They Forgot to Plant an Acorn on the Moon  The Shepard Boy and the Wolf  New World Vegetables  What Does an Architect Do?  Supermarket Temptations  The Color in the Clouds    Legs, Hands and Thumbs   The Great Wall   Names of Shapes   New Home   Inventing   Tilt n Turn   Salt   Reading Arithmetic Ruler in the Desert   Big Noise – Thunder  Pocketful of Numbers   The Story of Pants  Systems of Measurement  Eating the Right Foods   How We Hear Eyes   Cops   Barbers   Ticky Lizards   House Eaters   To Sea and Home Again  Beavers – Builders at Work   The Air   Here to There   Popcorn  Oldest Still Works

Longer Stories:

Daniel Boone in Kentucky   The Story of Abraham Lincoln – Part 1: Kentucky Home   The Story of Abraham Lincoln – Part 2: Work and Sorrow  Thomas Edison – Part 1   Thomas Edison – Part 2   Thomas Edison – Part 3  Let’s Go Fishing

Timed Reading Stories:

The Tomato    Birth of the Blues (Jeans)   Death of Titanic  Hatching a Butterfly

Vocabulary Lists:

2nd Grade Vocabulary:  Part 1  Part 2

3rd Grade Vocabulary: Part 1   Part 2

6th Grade Vocabulary: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

7th Grade Master Vocabulary: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

GED Science Vocab  Math Vocabulary

Assessment Word Lists:

A1000 (red)   A1100 (orange)  A1110 (yellow)  A1111 (green)  A2111 (blue)  A2211 (purple)  A2221 (brown)  A2222 (white)  A3222 (gray)  A3322 (black)  A3332 (silver)  A3333 (gold)  A4333 (maroon) Graded Word List I: Preprimer to 1st   2nd to 4th   5th to 7th  8th to 10th  11th & 12th Graded Word List II: PrePrimer and Primer   1st and 2nd   3rd and 4th   5th and 6th  7th and 8th   9th and 10th   11th and 12th

ADRI Word List -1   ADRI Word List -2

Pcue Teaching Aids: Pcue Poem  Count the Cues

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