Rough/beginning  work in progress –  placeholder 

Initial focus on demonstrating PCUE efficacy to worst case readers.

TRAINING WHEELS FONTS Until the trials provide the feedback needed to tune into the optimal cue types, morphs and recognition thresholds, we can’t be sure whether the final fonts will be specifically created for Training Wheels or whether a general rendering system can be used to automatically morph any number of existing font’s characters with Pcue attributes. Our preference, and we think probable outcome, is a font general system capable of rendering PCUES with all existing fonts.  However, initially, to support trials, we will use the font family(s) considered most easily readable by the reading research community. If necessary we will create a Pcue specific font or series of fonts that include the full range of Pcue expressions. Whether we use font general rendering or create unique PCUE fonts, we will test which kinds of cues are most helpful to different groups of beginning readers at different stages of progress. We will have alternate systems for adults, remediation, and ‘from the beginning’ grouped into pre-k, k-1,1-2,2-3. Later, we will also use fonts more ‘friendly’ to beginning readers of English that are coming in from another language (For example, Chinese to English).

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