Rough/beginning  work in progress –  placeholder 

Future System

A web site parents and educators can use to enter reader profiles and that will generate PCUED content tailored to their children.

Automated content (ala Narrative Software)  created per reader profile with vocabulary and density leveled to relevant stretch for individual readers.

Periodic speech recognition inferenced (error assessed) cue calibration and story creation.

Teacher print module that automatically applies PCUES to any and all printed homework assignments per each student’s profile.

Vision: Adults

An adult in China learning to read English chooses a title on her Kindle.  She dowloads a TWFL version of the (any) title. It has a chinese language version and a Pcued English version. The reader app allows her to move back and forth between the two languages and when in English uses the Pcues to guide her into learning English pronunciation.

Vision: Children in US Homes and Schools

Children learn a new kind of ABC song… a music video… one that uses a dynamic animation of letters morphing into  their cued variations in time with the variations in sounds they represent.  Once past the basic alphabetic insight, children learn that letters can vary in appearance and sound and an easy way to track how a variation in the letters appearance visually cue the sound it’s making.

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